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Delta Dental

Policy Period: 10/01 - 09/30

Dental benefits are offered through Delta Dental of Washington. The plan covers the same services provided by both WDS Preferred (PPO) Providers and Delta Premier Dentists or Nonparticipating Dentists, but at different coinsurance rates. Please see the summary of benefits for details.


Class 1: Preventive & Diagnostic Services
Covered at 100%
-Oral Exams

Class 2: Basic Services
These services are covered at 90% if you see a PPO or 80% if you see a Premier or Nonparticipating Dentist
-Simple Extractions
-Oral Surgery

Class 3: Major Services
Covered at 50%

Plan Year Maximum Benefit:

Adult - 50% to $1,500 lifetime maximum
Child - 50% to $1,500 lifetime maximum

Pre-Determination of Benefits:
Before the covered person starts a course of treatment, it may be helpful for that person and his/her dental provider to know in advance, how much of the treatment cost will be covered by the plan and how much will be the responsibility of the covered person. If the course of treatment is expected to be extensive, it is recommended that the covered person obtain a pre-treatment estimate for the insurance company to review. The covered person and his/her provider will be advised of the benefits payable.

Dependent Limiting Age:
Dependents can be covered to age 26.