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From the community & our college

The Diversity Steering Committee has compiled this list of Cornish, Seattle, Washington, and national resources as a way to find information and services, and to get connected with diverse communities. If you have an organization or website suggestion for the list, please contact us.

Academic and Administrative Resources

  • AACU Diversity Web DiversityWeb is a project of AAC&U’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Global Initiatives (ODEGI). Central to the office’s mission is the belief that diversity and global knowledge are essential elements of any effort to foster civic engagement among today’s college students. To support those goals, the office helps colleges and universities establish diversity as a comprehensive institutional commitment and educational priority.

Disability Resources

Learning Disability Resources

General Information

About Learning Disabilities

For Teachers & Professionals
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities Online guide to essential information about learning disabilities, early literacy and learning resources, support for adolescents and adults with learning disabilities, public policy and advocacy tools.
  • WorkSource Pathfinder that helps locate Assistive Technology (AT) by disability and function.
For Faculty & Staff
For Students

ESL Resources

Ethnic Community Resources


  • Colors Northwest Careers A diversity-based job search site for the Pacific Northwest, designed to bring quality professional and managerial candidates of color together with companies looking to hire from a candidate pool that reflects the diversity of the marketplace. Also includes free publications on resume writing, interviewing, and other tips.

Asian Pacific American

  • International Examiner Newspaper Serves the Asian Pacific American communities by providing accurate, in-depth, timely, and sensitive coverage of local, regional, national, and international issues.
  • Northwest Asian Weekly Weekly English-edition newspaper serving Washington’s Asian community. The Northwest Asian Weekly has one simple goal: To empower the Asian community.
  • International District/Chinatown Community Center This exciting new center, located in the International District/Chinatown, offers a wide array of programs and special events.
  • The Wing Luke Asian Museum Engages the Asian Pacific American communities and the public in exploring issues related to the culture, art and history of Asian Pacific Americans.

African American

  • The Seattle Medium African American newspaper serving Seattle, Washington.
  • Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center The Center creates year round programs that enhance artistic appreciation, performance, and proficiency by honoring our tradition of featuring art by and about African Americans, youth, and communities of color.
  • Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas To present and produce African-American cultural programs that encourage thought and debate for the greater Seattle area drawing attention to what makes African-American culture unique.
  • Northwest African American Museum Showcases the visual arts, music, crafts, literature and history of African Americans in the Northwest.

Latino & Hispanic American

  • Centro Cultural Hispano Americano Enriching Hispanic culture in Washington State and the Northwest by providing a venue of expression for Hispanic American artists. Informs, preserves, interprets and promotes the culture, folklore and traditions of all the Hispanic American countries, including Brazil, Spain and Portugal, and funding arts scholarships for Hispanic American youth
  • El Centro de la Raza Provides services in a culturally competent manner to Latino and other low-income families and individuals of all ages, so that they may develop self-sustainability and may more fully participate in society.

Native American

  • Native Times News Operating in both print and electronic media, Native American Times provides news coverage that is specifically tailored to the Native American perspective with the understanding of special issues, such as sovereign rights, civil rights and government-to-government relationships with the federal government.
  • Indian Country Today Persuasive voice in American Indian journalism, leading the way with accurate and timely reporting, incisive analysis and pointed commentary. Indian Country Today publishes more original journalistic content on American Indian issues than any other news source. Offers podcasts, e-mail news alerts, RSS news feeds.
  • United Indians of All Tribes Foundation Developing and operating world-class educational, cultural, economic, and social programs and activities, advocating for Native Americans in local, state and federal governmental fronts, and establishing and maintaining an international network of Indigenous peoples and allies.
  • The Daybreak Star Cultural Center Native American cultural center in Seattle, Washington, described by its parent organization United Indians of All Tribes as “an urban base for Native Americans in the Seattle area.”

Religious Community Resources

  • Buddhism’s Seattle Buddhist Center The Seattle Buddhist Center is part of an international Buddhist movement to make available the teachings and practices of Buddhism in a form accessible to those in the West. The center caters to a range of activities and features shrine rooms for meditation, Dharma book sales, Dharma merchandise, lending library, and conversation areas.
  • Christianity’s Christian Church Directory for Seattle, Washington Designed to connect Christians with Christian churches of any denomination, schools and businesses in their local community.
  • Islam’s The Islamic Educational Center of Seattle Non-profit organization dedicated to provide educational, cultural and religious services in the greater Puget Sound area.
  • Judaism’s Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Ensuring Jewish survival and enhance the quality of Jewish life locally, in Israel and worldwide, through a commitment to leadership development for the Seattle area Jewish community and Federation, support of educational programs for the entire community, and building of strong relationships, both inside and outside the Jewish community.
  • Wicca’s The Aquarian Tabernacle Church A Pagan gathering based in Index, WA. This site’s purpose is to serve Pagans who want to worship and celebrate the high holidays and the lunar cycle together or gain knowledge, by providing opportunity for contact with others. Contains a list of affiliated congregations, classes, and an events calendar.
  • Shinto’s Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America Staff can conduct the Oharae purification ceremony as well as many types of Shinto Ceremonies for individuals, families, groups or businesses. At Tsubaki America Shrine there is also the opportunity for Misogi Shuho, purification in the Mountain Stream, and training in Aikido.

LGBTQ Community Resources

Community Resources for Women

  • Seattle Women’s Commission Advisory body appointed by the Mayor and City Council to provide legislative, policy, and budgeting advice on issues of importance to women. Contains news and events page, an extensive community resources list, meeting information, and a document archive.
  • Planned Parenthood of Western Washington Promoting a commonsense approach to women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about sex, health, and family planning.